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My best to you in life, happiness, health and fitness!

~The Iron Gimp               

Stroke is:

A brain injury with far-reaching effects that manifest themselves differently, yet similarly, in every stroke survivor.

Each and every survivor of brain injury, regardless of the cause, is my sibling in survivorship. We battle our way back from the brink, trying to reestablish meaningful, worthwhile lives for ourselves as we fight to regain control over our minds and bodies. For some it might take only weeks. Others (like me) will continue recovering for the rest of our lives, celebrating even the smallest improvement as a major triumph.

This is why we are survivors, not victims.

We are strong-willed people, never to give up under the most difficult of circumstances. Our appearance often belies our strength and determination, sometimes provoking a response of pity in folks who don’t know us or are unfamiliar with post-stroke life. We do not want pity, only acceptance and respect as human beings.

When you see one of us seeming to struggle to open a door or attempting to do other mundane things on our own, do not be surprised if we refuse an offer of help. This is not rudeness or ingratitude. It is therapy. Every movement we make is therapy. Do not misunderstand or pity us. Instead...

Join us. Celebrate life with us!